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Our Story

The Homeschool Supply Co is a new and exciting adventure that was born out of a simple yet powerful idea – to create a one-stop-shop for homeschooling parents. Our vision is to provide a space where homeschooling families can easily find all their educational needs, while also fostering a sense of community and connection.

At The Homeschool Supply Co, we understand the challenges and joys of homeschooling. That’s why we provide high-quality curriculum options and a welcoming environment for parents to relax, connect, and seek support.

Whether you’re an experienced homeschooler or just starting out, our team is here to assist you every step of the way with comprehensive resources and personalized advice. With a wide range of educational supplies tailored for homeschoolers, including textbooks, workbooks, art supplies, science kits, and more, we aim to empower families in their pursuit of knowledge.

Besides offering you a cozy place to flip through curriculum materials, we go beyond being an online retailer by organizing workshops and events that foster community building within the homeschooling world. Join us on this journey as we create an inclusive space for all homeschoolers at The Homeschool Supply Co!

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that shape our work and relationships.


We are delighted to provide top-notch products, encouragement and support to the homeschool community, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to thrive in their educational journey.


We’re all about building a tight-knit homeschooling community where parents can come together, share ideas, and find the support they need. Let’s create a network that empowers and uplifts each other!


We are dedicated to offering high-quality curriculum and resources that meet the unique needs of homeschooling families. We desire to offer our customers products and events that are relatable, applicable, and helpful.

Meet the team

Mann Family

Lindsey Mann

Is a seasoned professional with a specialization in behavioral therapy. Recognizing the critical need for superior resources for homeschool families, she took the lead in establishing the Homeschool Supply Company. She currently oversees all of its operations. She is deeply devoted to homeschooling her two elementary aged children, alongside her husband Jake. Lindsey enjoys early mornings with her kids and their two dogs.

Janet Pinneo

Is the business brains behind the adorable lemon tree and math books. Janet handles all the nitty gritty details from business insurance, payroll to taxes. She has two grandchildren and lives locally in Bothell. In her free time Janet & her husband Brad enjoy camping with their dog and traveling around the U.S.

seattle portrait photographer kelly lemon trevor lindsey 6

Lindsey Whitney
Social Media

Is a 2nd generation homeschooler and is so grateful for the beautiful foundation her mom gave her though home education. She hopes to do the same for her bunch of busy boys-she has 4, including a set of twins. After a 10 year career as a self employed sign language interpreter, for the past 8 years she has been a full time wife, homemaker, mother and teacher. Lindsey still interprets on Sunday mornings, serving in the Deaf ministry at their church. She enjoys slow start homeschool mornings, nature study and spending time with her family including two sisters who also homeschool.

Vicki Finley

I am a 61 year old mother of four and grandmother to 12. My husband, Craig, and I have been married for 40+ years. We raised our kids at Mountlake Church (formerly known as Calvary Fellowship) where Craig was on staff as an associate pastor/youth director for 36 years. All four of our children were homeschooled at some point in their education. Three of the four are now homeschooling their own children, which I consider the highest compliment.

Even though It’s been over 10 years since my youngest was in school, I’m excited to continue to be a part of the homeschool movement by working at The Homeschool Supply Store! I love to see all the new curriculum along with some that I recognize and have stood the test of time.

Andy photo

Andy Crick
Mechatronics Course Leader

Andy Crick is a very highly experienced mechatronic engineer. His background is in mechatronics meaning a combination of being the intersection of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. Andy has worked for some large tech moguls (IBM and Microsoft) as well as a top 10 academic university, The University of Washington. A few of his engineering feats have included cutting edge operating systems, a volcanic eruption warning device, US military devices, technology for the pioneering of self-driving cars, and many others. Andy, as an engineer inventor, holds multiple patents related to computer technologies.

Something Andy holds close is imparting his knowledge with the next generations. He mostly does this through a volunteer/mentorship role. He has worked with various age groups in hopes to impart knowledge and skills to ensure the next generation of engineers’ success. A highlight from his time with education, Andy created an 8” cube educational kit, which is a computer-controlled robot.

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