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Sell Your Gently Loved Books

Sell Used Homeschool Books and Give Them New Life

We understand the value of quality educational resources and are committed to providing a platform where homeschoolers can buy and sell their items with ease. So gather up those unused textbooks, workbooks, literature and educational games – we will offer you cash the same day. To give you an idea of what to expect- As a general rule we offer 10% of the retail value for curriculum and $.50- $1.00 for used literature.

FAQs: Getting Your Questions Answered

Curious about the process of selling your gently loved books? Check out our FAQs section for all the answers you need!

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What can I bring in?

Feel free to bring in any gently used books or materials, including educational games, flashcards, used literature, supplies, and other non-curricular items that you’re interested in selling.

Our book buyer will carefully review each item and present you with a cash offer, as we do not offer store credit as an option.


Do you offer money for books?

Absolutely! We offer two convenient options for your payment. You can choose to receive cash for any accepted curriculum and materials, or you have the option of selecting a local Bothell gift card. Please note that we do not provide store credit as an alternative.

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When & where do I bring curriculum and materials

We warmly welcome curriculum and materials for acceptance during regular business hours.

Additionally, our Monday Moms Crew is an excellent opportunity to bring in your items.


What are the rules?

While we appreciate your child’s artwork, please ensure that all pages are clean. We cannot accept books with missing pages or eraser marks. Additionally, games, puzzles, and art projects must have all pieces accounted for. Furthermore, kindly note that we are unable to accept any curriculum originally sold as a PDF or digital resource.

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